Aspiring leaders often assume that their role models are successful because they make careful decisions. While it is true that executives who act impulsively, without considering available intelligence, risk making

huge mistakes, it is also true that highly effective leaders believe quick action is key to success. Here is why:

There is No Answer Book. Today’s leaders face an extremely fluid marketplace. Instead of pouring over old data to understand a new challenge, leaders are better served by taking small steps to test their gut feelings, then refining their direction as results begin to come in. 

Timing is Everything. In this Internet savvy world, your competition can figure out your business development plan almost as soon as you do. Implementing the second best idea now is a better strategy than doing the best idea a week from now. It is a bigger risk to delay making decisions than to make marginal ones.

Winning is a Numbers Game. Successful salespeople believe every No they get brings them one step closer to hearing Yes. Great leaders make decisions with a similar mindset. When a problem is particularly complex or novel, they act swiftly and move on to the next opportunity.

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