You’re probably already aware that there are many factors and opinions regarding what sort of career you should build for yourself. 

So, what’s our first step? Well, that begins with this fundamental

challenge: What Field is for me?

You probably find yourself asking,“Where do I start? Where do I go from here?”

Taking Career Assessment tests are a good start. There are many assessment tests out there. 

Next, you must identify and truly lean on mentors … people who can guide you and give you honest, constructive feedback because they were once where you are today and have successfully journeyed

down their chosen career path. Don’t reinvent the wheel if you don’t have to. Listen to them. They can help you. 

Passion is a word we hear a lot. What’s your passion? What makes you want to jump out of bed early on a Monday morning and attack the day? What makes you lose track of time but still leaves you energized at the end of a long day? 


It’s critically important that you be honest with yourself as you identify your true passion. Is it music? Is it art? Is it managing projects? Is it making money? Is it travel? Take a Career Assessment Test, review the results, and you should have a really good beginning point as you seek that dream job. And remember … if you love what you do, success, fulfillment and the appropriate amount of abundance will find its way to you. It’s true. Always has been, always will be. Trust me. 


Finally, avoid undue peer pressure. Your friends love you but they don’t always know what’s best for you. Listen to them but trust your own instincts and the guidance of mentors. Ultimately, it’s you who has to be happy doing what you do.

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